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Mizz Mozaic just felt right...

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Z stands for Zappie. The best last name in the history of last names.

Did you ever wonder why Mizz Mozaic is spelled with Z's instead of S's? Well, it certainly wasn't because I wanted to make it easy on myself. Or make SEO a breeze for my website or social media. Don't even ask how anyone who actually searches for mosaics & spells it the proper way even finds me on the interwebs! The moment I decided to spell the most essential part of my business unconventionally, I knew it was going to present me with some challenges. But I was never one to shy away from an obstacle or conform to societal norms SO…

Uh-oh. I got caught

...rewind to my childhood. My Grandma & Grandpa Zappie owned a gas station right next door to my house. My Grandpa was a mechanic & my Grandma worked as the bookkeeper (she had more than one job, btw, I guess that's where I get it from!) I LOVED visiting the gas station, especially when my Gram would let me play with the cash register. This was only on special occasions. I was obsessed with pushing buttons & pulling the lever down on the old-timey register that made the cash drawer pop open. (Picture me, that little girl in the pic who stuck her finger in her Grandpa's b-day cake & got caught! You can imagine how persistent I would be. If they would let me do this once, I would ask to do it all day lol!) Ahhh, my Grandparents. They had the patience of a saint when I was around!

Grandma & Grandpa Zappie's Fancy Church Pic

To this day, I have the fondest memories of Zappie's Kendall Station, the relationships my Gram & Gramp formed in the community AND the generosity they shared with their customers. And even though the dressy pic of them looks really sweet, I always LOVED seeing them in their work clothes. That's how I saw them as a kid & how I remember them. Always working hard. Every. Single. Day.

There were so many things I admired about them working as a team. But I especially LOVED that my Gram would get out from behind the register & pump gas for her customers. This wasn’t very common, especially for women back then. I always thought it was SO COOL that she wasn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. I admire a work ethic like that more than ANYTHING!

Naming my business was a cinch. Yes, I did a web search & the name Miss Mosaic (spelled with S’s- BORING (& common!)) was already taken, but that was inconsequential. I had no intention of ever spelling it with S's. Mizz Mozaic just felt right. There was no question I was going to add Z's for obvious reasons - as a tribute to my Grandma & Grandpa!

The black and white photo of my Gram in the patchwork jacket was taken years after the gas station closed by one of our talented photographer neighbors name Leon Winkowski. I always adored this pic & wanted to share it with you. So, now you know about the Z's. Stay tuned for my next blog post to learn - why Mizz?!?

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